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How to NutriFaculty

Welcome to NutriFaculty!

Discover here how the e-learning platform works.

The Nutrifaculty e-learning platform

When you are logged in and then move your cursor around your username in the upper right corner, the main menu appears.

This menu allows you to change to the following different pages: Wall, Profile, Notifications, Messages, Friends, Groups, Forums, Courses, Photos and Settings.

Structure of a module

When you are subscribed to a module you will see the related courses appear under ‘Registered Course’.

Here you will be able to complete the whole module.

How does this work?

Every module is divided into 3 chapters and each chapter has a preparation course and a  course on the day of the live lectures.

The preparation course must be completed before the livestream of the corresponding chapter. Otherwise the course of the livestream won’t be activated..

  • The preparation consists of an introductory course text followed by a small quiz. At the end of the course, a case study will be presented. The case covers a topic that will be discussed by the guest lecturer during the lesson.

On the three lesson days (dates bellow), you can follow the live sessions with our lecturer and guest lecturers. To get acces to the live webinar, you have to register through a link you can find in the course of the corresponding chapter. Don’t forget to do so, before the start of the live webinar. During the live webinar, there is the possibility to ask questions. At the end of the live lessons you go back to course to fill in a quiz. Afterwards the slides and the video of the lessons will be published.

Module 1 Immunity

These lessons from the guest lecturers will take place at:

Chapter 1: April 27th from 9-12 am

Chapter 2: May 4th  from 9-12 am

Chapter 3: May 11th  from 9-12 am

Module 2 stress and sleep

Chapter 1: September 7th  from 9-12 am

Chapter 2: September 14th from 9-12 am

Chapter 3: September 21th from 9-12 am

For example: module 1 where you can see that it is divided in 3 chapters each with a preparation course and a normal course.

Live Webinar

If you decide to follow the live webinar of the Module, then please click on the link that will be provided to you at the end of the final quiz of each module.

For example:

Fill in all the necessary data like first name, last name and e valid email address.

You will receive an email where you can join the webinar

And/Or add it to your calendar

You can choose to follow it on the pc or tablet (android and iOS)

Install the GoToWebinar App on your device from the app store(iOS) or play store (Android)



On your Laptop/PC with windows or MAC OS you will have the opportunity to test your connection. The applauncher will install the program for you.

An hour before the webinar begins you will receive a reminder email with the “How to Join the Webinar” again, just like the first email.