who is nutrifaculty

Nutrifaculty is a high-end, independent digital educational institution with the benefit that every physician, pharmacist, therapist or other health professional can easily follow our courses from home. But you can also review at any more convenient time. Each module provides scientific information regarding a specific health topic with a focus on the use of natural ingredients. This acquired knowledge is also applicable in practice. Moreover, each module will be accredited in Belgium for both doctors as pharmacists and it is also MBOG accredited in the Netherlands.

the program

During the first academic year, 2019, the themes ‘immunity’ and ‘stress and sleep’ are discussed.

  • Module 1 will discuss every aspect of the immune system from the importance of external barriers, the function of innate and acquired immunity to the role of inflammation. The scientifically proven effect on the immune system of natural ingredients will also be discussed. A closer look will be taken on the topics ‘the influence of environmental factors’, ‘cPNI’ and ‘interactions between medicines and nutrients’ by our guest lecturers.
  • Module 2 addresses the problems of stress and the importance of sleep. Both are issues that our society increasingly faces. How to deal with burnout? What influence does shift work have on our sleep? Can nutrients play a beneficial role? These are just a few of topics that will be discussed in detail.

In 2020 we will continue with the modules ‘bones, muscles and joints’ and ‘sugar metabolism’.

practical information

  • Language: English
  • Course: The complete course will be available on our e-learning platform. The lessons of the instructors can be followed by livestreaming where there is the opportunity to ask questions. No need to come to a classroom, you just need internet and a laptop, computer or tablet with speakers.
  • Dates:
    Module 1 Immunity: April 27th, May 4th and May 11th  from 9-12 am
    Module 2 Stress and sleep: September 7th, 14th and 21th  from 9-12 am
  • Price: €200 for one module and €350 for two modules

lecturers module 1

Geert Vergote PhD

Geert graduated as a pharmacist at the University of Brussels and got his PhD in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Ghent. He is founder and general director of Verno Scientific and visiting professor for his knowledge of Pharmacology and Immunology.

Prof. Sarah Lebeer

Professor Sarah Lebeer obtained her PhD in Bioscience Engineering from KULeuven (2008). After her postdoctoral research period (2008-2011), she moved to the University of Antwerp where she studies the impact of various environmental microbes on human, animal and plant health. At present, Sarah Lebeer is Associate Professor of Microbiology and Biotechnology at the Department of Bioscience Engineering of the University of Antwerp and an academic board member of ISAPP (International Scientific Association on Probiotics and Prebiotics).

Dr. Pieter Lanoye

Dr. Pieter Lanoye graduated as general practitioner in 1983 at the KULeuven. During then he has continuously gained knowledge: he has a Acupuncture diploma (1988), studied Chinese (1990) and Western phyto (1992), Orthomolecular medicine (1995-1997) , Homotoxicology at the university of Milaan (2006-2007) and gained his certificate from clinical homeopathy (2010) and psycho-neuro-immunology (2017).

Prof. dr. Gert Laekeman

Prof. dr. Gert Laekeman is a pharmacologist and dedicated his life to scientific research of phytotherapy and teaching pharmacotherapy and phytotherapy at the KULeuven



This course will cover inflammation, cPNI, low grade inflammation and several external factors that influence the immunity.

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5 Lessons

Chapter 3 of module 1 covers the defense system, hypersensitivity and allergy.

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6 Lessons